Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For those of us who still clean our own showers...

I've found the best shower cleaner... and since this is one of my worst housekeeping chores... I thought I'd share. It's called Easy Off BAM Power Cleaner for Grime, Lime & Soap Scum. It's in a purple and orange spray bottle. There's another BAM for something else that's in a green bottle. That one doesn't work on showers. Sometimes it's hard to find in stores, but I just discovered you can buy it online at Happy cleaning! And please share any other easy cleaning discoveries with me -- I need 'em!

Monday, October 15, 2007

There goes "Mother of the Year"...

The twins are too heavy for me to carry them at the same time upstairs anymore, so I take them one at a time up to their cribs for naptime. Seth was first today. I tucked him in and returned to grab Logan. This is where I found him. Now granted, the stove wasn't ON, however this still looks bad.

I know, "Bad Melanie," but alas -- it gets worse.

After everyone gets up from their naps, Kate is invited over to play at a friend's house and I realize there is just dust left in the bottom of the formula cans. So, let's make a trip to Wal-Mart and grab a few things! Now our Wal-Mart doesn't have carts with spots for two children, so I've created a way for both twins to fit in the top of the cart. They each get one leg hole; their other leg is kind of wedged sideways. It's very comfortable, I'm sure.

I park close to an abandoned cart, load up the twins, and we're off across the parking lot. The wind blowing our hair, the twins giggling, I'm revelling in the cleverness of my motherhood. Now I've learned a few shopping tips as a mother of four. Chances are I won't make it through my entire list, so I get the MOST important stuff first. That way I can abandon my mission at any time. I head to the back of the store first, for formula. As I'm loading can after can into my cart, the twins realize what I'm doing, and they start to beller. I calmly explain to them that formula does not taste good dry, but they don't care, and they start to arch their backs and thrown little tantrums.

Not a problem, I say. I'll just grab a few more items on my way to check out. See, I'm so clever that I already got what I came for -- I can leave at any time. The deli is on the way. I just need a pound of turkey -- and there's no line. I can stand a little more noise. I place my order and realize the screaming is escalating on the left side of my cart.

"Logan, what's the matter honey," I start to say when I notice he has somehow wedged his foot (the one without a dedicated leg hole) through the tiniest of slats in the cart. I do not exaggerate when I say the slats are a mere inch and a half wide. I try to move the foot, but his pudgy ankle doesn't even budge and he screams louder. Now we start drawing attention. Deli workers, other customers, and eventually Wal-Mart management begin to converge as I continue to work on the now-swelling body part. I mumble about needing lotion, as I overhear someone say they're going to get something to cut the bars with. That seems extreme, I think, but what else am I going to do? I'm beginning to panic when an angel in a Wal-Mart shirt runs up with her hands cupped. "Try this," she says. LIQUID SOAP from behind the deli counter -- brilliant!

I rub it on Logan's leg and -- POP -- the foot slips out. So the worse is over for Logan, but the panic is rising on the faces of management around me. Do they really think I'm going to blame them for this? Okay, carts with slots for two kids would be nice, but this little predicament was all me. Don't worry, folks. No lawsuits here. Just get me to checkout!

Of course, I have to carry the still-sobbing Logan and push the cart with Seth (who now gets two leg holes, but would rather be carried too). We pay for the groceries and make it to the car without further incident. As I'm driving home, I look in the mirror to see the twins making spitting noises and laughing at each other. What little sweeties. And I think to myself, why don't I order my groceries online?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I could still pass for 17, right?

I was called to be in the Young Women's presidency in my new ward. I'm the second counselor -- over the Beehives (12 & 13 year olds). I'm really excited. I served as YW president when I was 26-28 years old. When I was called, I was working full-time, not even a mother yet -- still immature in a lot of ways. I loved those girls -- hey, one of them became my sister (shout out to Erin!). But recently I've thought about how I could do it differently, with a little more maturity. I'm thrilled to be with this particular group of girls. We're small in number -- about 10 girls. I can't wait to see what's in store for us.

I have to recognize Joe in all of this. There's the obvious -- he's in charge at home every Wednesday night. But here's the biggie -- twin one-year-olds, by himself in Priesthood on Sundays! He's the best -- and hey, he can fill up his own blog with all their antics!

And, wow -- we just switched to a 2:00pm meeting time. Those twins were so bad even before Sacrament meeting started. Crazy yelling and arching backs and whining. Their afternoon nap time is between 1:30 and 2:00. The chaos created by Logan and Set is punctuated only by Kate -- who also doesn't get a nap. She will not be outdone by anyone being naughty. And Collin who thinks he can get away with anything when Mom and Dad have their hands full with three others. We are in for it........

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Doin' time in DC

Joe and I spent our 10th anniversary doing some house-hunting. These are a couple of our favorites... but we're wondering, are they just a little more house than we need? Not to mention... they're really old!

Laura and George's place

Mt. Vernon -- front yard and back

This place is striking, but too many stairs!! (Isn't Joe a great photographer?)

Now, some of you may know that I have an unnatural love of cemeteries, but Joe even wore me out at this one -- 3+ hours at Arlington!!

Taking a homeless nap on my Prada purse.

Out on the town -- WWII memorial -- very cool fountains.
Lincoln Memorial -- Truly a shrine to this great president. My favorite spot.
Hot stuff in a sweater vest in Chinatown. Is there any major metropolis that doesn't have a Chinatown?

Smithsonian museums -- Natural History and Joe's fave -- Air and Space. I had to drag him away from these planes to catch OUR plane back to Phoenix. This was our last stop.

Just a little anniversary gift from Joe. Isn't he sweet? I didn't even know you could buy the Hope Diamond....
We did and saw lots of other stuff, but you get the picture! We had a great time. Thanks to the Hansens for taking care of Collin and Kate, and to my mom for watching the twins. They now like her better than me. But there are prices to pay to get away.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We're one!

Logan and Seth turned one year old on Sept 29th. Our very talented friend and photographer, Heather Hallett, captured these moments. Grandparents: you'll be getting copies soon!

So big!

Aren't they just the cutest?